Oilfield Hauling

  • Produced Oil
  • Produced Water
  • Fracturing Fluids/Water
  • Drilling Fluids
  • Condensate

Petroleum Transport

  • Gasoline, Diesel fuel, Furnace Oil
  • Aviation Fuels
  • Body Job for metered deliveries

Asphalt & Emulsions Transport

  • Spray truck available for Emulsion application.
  • Transport of Asphalts (eg PG 52-34) and Emulsions (eg HF 150S)

Calcium Chloride & Fertilizer

Calcium and Fertilizer transport throughout Western Canada.

Equipment Available

  • TC 407 Sour sealed tridems/super B’s
  • TC 406 tridems/super B’s
  • Insulated Asphalt/Emulsion Trailers
  • Petroleum Body job for metered deliveries
  • Spray truck for Emulsion application
  • Other trailers available on request


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