About Us

We are a small company operating from Edmonton AB. Our size allows us to be flexible and agile in meeting our customer’s needs. Customers have come to appreciate the peace of mind that our dedicated group of drivers bring to the loading/unloading and transportation of their products. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with safe and timely service for their projects.

Redwood Fluid Solutions

Our company operates under Alberta provincial rules. This division is focused on transporting oilfield fluids, condensates, crude oil, petroleum/Aviation products and “frac” water within the province.


  • Well-maintained tractors equipped with product pumps/wet lines
  • TC 407 Sour sealed tridems/super B’s
  • TC 406 tridems/super B’s
  • Insulated Asphalt/Emulsion Trailers
  • Petroleum Body job for metered deliveries
  • Spray truck for Emulsion application
  • Other trailers available on request

Redwood Bulk Carriers Inc.

Our company operating under Federal rules throughout the 4 western provinces. This division handles transportation of petroleum/Aviation products, asphalt, road oil emulsions, oilfield fluids, and crude oil that crosses provincial boundaries.


The drivers employed by Redwood have years of experience in the tank industry including petroleum, oilfield, chemical, and propane/butane. They are interchangeable between both divisions. Our drivers are trained for standard oilfield and petroleum operations. The training includes TDG, WHMIS, H2S, Standard First Aid, GODI, CPPI, PST. Training is ongoing throughout the year as new projects arise and safety requirements with customers change.


  • Northbridge Policy: #2024396
  • General Liability: $5,000,000.00
  • Non Owned Trailer: $150,000.00
  • Cargo: $250,000.00


  • 5978123

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